Advocate Moscow. Moscow’s attorney at law Danilenko Vadim.

Advocate Moscow
Advocate Moscow

Advocate Moscow. Moscow’s attorney at law Danilenko Vadim.
Greetings my  friends. You found website of Russian lawyer Danilenko Vadim. Danilenko is a member of Moscow’s attorney chamber (like ABA in USA). That’s mean that Danilenko have all rights and powers to protect your interests in Moscow’s courts or government institutes. Here in Russia we have one good words about Russia: «You cannot understand Russia by your mind and you cannot measure Russia by standard things». So, if you are foreign lawyer or just a client (LLC, Corporation, LLP, or legal person) you do nothing with Russian’s law. Local law is a crazy mix of semi-European law and American continental law with Russian soul, traditions of USSR and spirits of good old Russian Empire.
Danilenko have 10 years of court litigation experience in different ways from corporate law to family law and heritage. Danilenko got good Russians education in Civil  and Criminal law, and advanced English language skill.
Advocate could help you in Moscow in next category of cases:
-Business law
-International contracts law
-Debts collection
-Agreement litigation
-Protection of rights of property
— Land law, living law, family law
-Immigration law
-Marine law
So, if you have contracts issue or family problems or something specific — you just need call to advocate Danilenko tel: +79100041020 or send e-mail to . Advocate adress in Moscow:Druzhinnikovskaya 15.
Aware that only advocate could provide a legal service in  Russia  and all others do not powers to protect you  in courts. Do not trust to people without advocate status it could be a fraud.
For sure be ready to provide documents about your case, remember that if we will apply to court you need a notarial translate to Russian language with apostillezation (by Convince of Apostille) in your country.
Advocate Danilenko have a great skill in law and o not you any promises for cheaptalk. Be sure – Danilenko is fair person and reliable like automat Kalashnikov.

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