Legal Counsel for Countries, Embassies, and Foreign Nationals

Legal Counsel for Countries, Embassies, and Foreign Nationals.
Attorney at law Danilenko V.G. have a great experience at International law and protections of foreign governments, corporations and private persons in Russia. Advocate Danilenko make your problem solved. You don’t need to choose between business, criminal or civil attorney – Danilenko have a true vision and success in all field of Russian law, and have a good partners. No more words – your case will drive to new hight.
Danilenko V.G. represent your country in Russian courts, government organization or in local corporation.
Attorney have more than 10 years of practice in all area of law from pharmacy to land and family law. All you need will be satisfied.
Attorney provide handling diplomatic issues and embassy representation for:
Business agreements and negotiations
-Embassy taxation
-Immigration concerns
-International business transactions
-International satellite disputes
-Airline purchases and commercial airline leases
-Embassy staff DUI and criminal defense representation
Russia is good country for those who knew the Russian law, traditions and local problems.
Be free to connect with attorney by e-mail: or call +7(910)004 10 20. Feel free to speak English.