Antitrust litigation and compliance lawyer Russia


Attorney at law Danilenko V.G. provide full service in case of antimonopoly service issue. Antitrust law in Russia mean Antimonopoly Law that protect parties of market from cartel, monopoly pricing, monopoly fees and provide equality of company and corporations. Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia the firsts government organization who investigate antimonopoly cases and make decision which may harm to business or get a great raise. All disputes in FAS is the stage of local «compliance» process. Another step to solve antitrust problem is court litigation to file a claim to decisions of Federal Antimonopoly Service.

It’s not a big deal what your compony is – billion budget worldwide company or mini-corporation, any case could be solved in limiting of wise. One part of cases need special opinion of local institutes, expertise and audit reports. Attorney can create special team for you case, consist of different Russians professionals and organizations to make evidence and documents for your protection.

The cases are different, foreign experience nothing mean in Russia, Russian law traditionally use own way.

Specialist could help your company in next practice area:

  • Dawn raids. In Russia, it’s called “non planning company/prices/contracts check” it meant Russian government wants to get penalty fees for your business or denied your business in Russia at all.
  • Antitrust investigation. In Russia, it’s a part of «Dawn raid»
  • Court litigation.
  • Special cases with authorities like disputes with Ministry of Finance.

Attorney Danilenko have his own opinion to your case apparently Russian law reality and your documents. Danilenko could advice you, got your case, run your deals, check a works of your lawyers and show you independent and fair point of view to your issue.

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